Become an Instant Dealer with your opening order – We are a high quality campaign button manufacturer and retailer that specialized in high quality 100% Made in the USA products. Our products are all top sellers and we even have one of the best graphic design departments available. If you want to make your own custom designs for your campaign or business, you can contact our graphic design department by clicking here.

You can also become an official dealer/reseller by placing an opening order of 100. Your discount is determined by how much you spend and how many buttons you purchase. (See chart and description below)


                                                                • All buttons have a minimum quantity of 12


                                                                • There is a $100 minimum wholesale order amount on each order


                                                                • You can increase your discount with a larger opening order or accumulate the spend amount from multiple orders.


                                                                • Once you reach the spend amount, you will get that discount permanently.


                                                                • We suggest a suggested retail price of 2.97 each


                                                                • Your Wholesale Price is less than $1.00 per button

Note: Your discount is based on your total spend amount from all orders.

Example: If this is your first order, and you want the $0.50 per button price, you have to use discount code DISCOUNT50, you have to have 1,200 total buttons in your cart, and you have to spend $600.

We look forward to serving you as your top choice for the 2024 presidential Election Campaign Buttons and supplies.