How to Buy Wholesale Buttons?

Buying wholesale can seem a little intimating on your first order but it is really very simple. The below storyboard walks you through a typical wholesale order and by the time you read this entire page, you will be an expert!

Getting Started

All you need to buy wholesale are three pieces of information.

  1. How large of a discount you want?
  2.  How many buttons you need to add to your cart in order to get that discount.
  3. What discount is associated with the #1 and #2 above.

On every product of the wholesale area, there is a discount chart as shown below:

Wholesale Discount Chart

For our example, we are going to say that you want to pay the $0.50 each per button. You will need those three pieces of information.

  1. You want the $0.50 each discount so you are going to look at the requirements highlighted in red above.
  2. You need to add 1200 buttons to your cart in order to get that discount. Don’t worry about the price for now, your discount will come before checkout. All you need is to add 1200 wholesale buttons to your cart.
  3. Finally, you need your discount code. In this example, the discount code is DISCOUNT50 or discount50. Either way will work.

Adding Buttons to your Cart

Once you know what you need to add, the next step is to go shopping. For the sake of this example, we are only adding 4 products to the cart for easy viewing. You can add as many individual products as you like as long as long as you buy 12 each.

In this example, we added 4 different buttons with a quantity of 300 each. (See below)


Notice the total price is 1200 buttons and the price is $1200. That’s because we haven’t added the discount code yet.

Adding your code

Once you have the total number of buttons in your shopping cart, it is time to add the discount code discount50.

Add your discount code and click “Apply Coupon“. Your order will now give you the $0.50 cents per button price. The only thing left to do is to click “Proceed to checkout” and complete your order.

See, it wasn’t really that difficult. The good news is that once you create an account, it will track all your future orders. As soon as your total spend reached the next discount level, we will give you that discount permanently.

You Keep your Discount Forever

Keep in mind that once you obtain your discount, you can keep it forever.

Example: Lets say you completed this first order and the next time, you only needed 200 buttons. Your $0.50 discount is locked in forever! We will give you a special individual code once you become a dealer/reseller in your welcome letter. There is a $100 minimum wholesale order amount on-line but if you needed less buttons, (Like 50 or 100 buttons) you can call in your order and we can process it over the phone.

That’s it! It’s really pretty simple. Now that you know how to buy wholesale, you can head over to the wholesale area and start shopping.