Herbalife Distributor Buttons

These beautiful Herbalife button combination set and individual buttons are great business builders. (MLM companies have been using them for decades) Using a button pinned on your shirt is the fastest way to get a potential client to ask you questions and start the interaction without saying anything.

For instance, one of our buttons says, “I lost 15 pounds, ask me how?” There is a line, on the button, where you can write the number of pounds you lost. For someone with weight loss, this message is very important because it initiates an interaction between them and you. They want to ask you how and the button tells them to ask you how. Another interesting button is “Work at home, ask me how?” Who would not want to work at home and most MLM distributors work at home, so this is a great way to tell your story? One of the best buttons for weight loss is the slogan, “Lose weight now, Ask me how?”. Everyone could afford to lose a few pounds, so this is one of the best ways to get your potential new client to come up to you and ask you how.

The first time a potential new client walks up to you and asks you a question is amazing because the button makes the initial contact. Herbalife and similar companies have been using this proven system for decades and the truth is, it works!

We don’t just make Herbalife buttons; we have been around this business for many years and many friends that are in the industry. If you have a health club, are thinking about opening one, or are a distributor, these are the finest quality buttons available. We use the highest quality materials and each button is made custom for you! All Herbalife type and MLM buttons measure 2.25″ in diameter and are 100% made in the United States.

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