Melania Trump Wholesale Buttons

Melania Trump first Lady wholesale Buttons for the 2020 Presidential Election. All button measures 2.25” are new. These beautiful campaign buttons will become collectors’ items in the years to come and are 100% Made in the USA.

When placing your wholesale order for Melania Trump buttons, the minimum order is always $100 and your reseller discount increases with future orders until you reach the maximum discount. Once you reach the maximum discount of $0.40 per button, (By spending $2500 with all your orders combined) you keep that discount forever. You can start slow and work toward the maximum discount by spending $100 on your opening order and getting the $1.00 per button price. You can also take a discount price of $0.50 cents per button with a total spend of $600. The choice is yours.
Many dealers start somewhere in the middle and work their way toward that maximum discount. Our goal is to give every reseller the opportunity to obtain the maximum discount. Your orders are places in your on-line account and the reseller discount chart is on every product page.

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