Authentic Presidential Signatures

Welcome to our authentic Presidential signatures & autographs area. Our mission is to preserve the heritage and integrity of every American president who has taken office to date and the artifacts directly related to them.

Presidential signatures hold their value throughout the years’ and we want to give you the opportunity to own a unique piece of history. Many of them become part of library and family collections.

Documents, Photographs, and Signatures

We feature documents, photographs and signatures, from well known presidents including Abraham Lincoln, William H. Taft, Mildred Filmore, John Tyler, Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, William McKinley, JFK, Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover Rutherford B, Hayes, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and many more
Each presidential signature comes with a complete Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity you can display with your item.

We take great pride in our showcase and every single document we list is verified authentic. We are a member of UAAC and completely abide by the UACC Code of Ethics.

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