Donald Trump Limited Edition Buttons

Trump Limited Edition of 50 Buttons
Donlad Trump Limited Edition of 50 Campaign Buttons.

These beautiful Donald Trump Limited Edition of 50 campaign buttons measure 2-1/4” and are 100% hand made in Jacksonville Florida. Series 50A are a November 2019 edition. We use the highest quality materials with a piece of clear mylar is placed on top of the image. The mylar is them pressed into the shell.

The limited edition campaign button is attached with a durable collet to make one of the strongest buttons available. The back paper, (a common procedure in the early 1900’s to identify the manufacturers) has been brought back to life by adhering it to the back of the button. The copper spring pin holds the back paper, which includes a unique Seral Number. This creates a beautiful one-of-a-kind button that will increase in value with each passing election.

A Rare Find

In order to find a political campaign button that is rare and valuable, you would have to travel back to the early 1900’s. Those rare buttons were made with limited supplies. Even then the buttons are hard to get because some rare buttons fetch as much as $30K or more.

Series Limited to 50 in Circulation

Our Limited Editions will be discontinued when they sell out and they will immediately increase in value thereafter. Every Donald Trump Limited Edition Button comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that matches the number on the back of the button.

Note: There will only be 50 of these buttons in circulation. Serial numbers 1 through 10, 25, and 50 are the rarest buttons. Numbers 2-10 are also popular as they are low numbers in the edition. These buttons are higher in price because the demand is greater. All other buttons in the Edition are $20 each.

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