Wholesale Pricing for US Veterans

We believe all US Veterans should always be taken care of and supported at home and abroad. PresidentialElection.org is committed to helping all veterans every possible way including linking your organization and encouraging users to buy retail directly from you. If you are a US veteran, you automatically qualify for the low $0.50 per button wholesale price so you can have a head start on raising capital for your causes and organizations. With a retail price of $2.97 each, this is a great way to allow you to raise the money you deserve.
In addition, once you become a dealer/reseller of our high-quality campaign merchandise, we will encourage our retail buyers to buy directly from you! This is a win-win situation for both parties.


Once you register with us, we will list your name/organization/company for your service.

How it works?

If you are a veteran or a veteran organization, you automatically qualify for the $0.50 cents per button price. All you must do is to fill out the form below and we will contact you directly with a special discount code. Please provide as much information you can and if you have a web site and/or business name please include it because we will list and link your information from this page. Even if you don’t have a website, we can still place your information here. Once you get a website, eBay, amazon, etsy, or any other distribution channel, we will link it for you as a veteran supported company. We also encourage you to link back to us so other veterans can participate in this offer. Thank you and thank you for your service.


Please provide as much detailed information as possible and you will have your permanent discount code within 2 business days.

    US Supported Veterans Below


    Vets-Pets & Kids Crisis Centers of Florida Inc.
    Att: Mark Marchetti
    Orlando, Florida 32807