Robert Wajda – Founder CEO

“My name is Robert Wajda and I am the founder and creator of this fun and exciting manufacturing company. If I were running for President, my buttons would probably look something like this. Before you go running to tell all your friends to vote for me, I’m really not running for president and I would be just as happy making historical buttons.

I have always loved Presidential history, creating new ideas, and designing new things! When I started this project in 1998, I was actually looking for historical website domain names and I stumbled across a couple good ones. Couple that with a passion for US history, determination, perseverance, and a drive to become the best in the industry, this is something I always enjoyed doing. The best part is that everything that we create will become an official part of US history!

Even hundreds of years from now and that’s what excites me!!

Robert Wajda – Founder 1998


Kumar Suresh – Chief Graphic Designer

This is S. Kumar, my chief graphic design artist. About 15 years ago, I wanted to create an award-winning logo for my business so placed my project into an international competition.

This competition had all the top graphic designers in the world compete for your business by sending watermarked thumbnail drafts. The price was already set and the all I had to do was to pick the designer that understood the project the best and did the best work.

Interestingly, the designer I awarded the project was also rated the best in the world! I was thinking, “There are hundreds of graphic designers on here, how in the world did I get the #1 rated?”

Kumar accepted the project and it was completed on time, on budget, and exceeded my expectations.

Since then, Kumar and I have become great friends and he has been my head designer ever since. I am so honored to have him lead as he understands exactly what I am looking for the very first time. As head of the Web Site development and graphic design team, he can create anything you can dream up. If you have a graphic design or web site project that needs special attention to detail, Kumar and the design team can can get it done.

Kumar Suresh– Chief Graphic Designer


A Button Story

Founded in 1998, my mission has always been to preserve the heritage and integrity of every American president who has taken office to date. This can be done by offering a national website where you can find historical items that are hard to find and relate directly to the presidential campaigns they were in.

How Presidential Buttons Become Part of History? 

Did you know any campaign button or poster that is made and commissioned by a company after a candidate announces and prior to the election date becomes an official authentic item for that campaign and part of US history? Many of the most expensive and rare buttons on the market that cost tens of thousands of dollars were made by third party manufacturers. Lets say there was a popular button in 1984 that was really popular and it was made by a third party manufacturer. No matter who made it, it becomes an official part of that campaign as long as the rules are followed. However, if someone made a replica of that same button today, it would be called a reproduction. This is exactly what happened in the 1970’s when an oil company tried to make replicas of great original buttons. A vendor button (or third-party manufacturer) is where a manufacturer makes a button for a political campaign before election day. If your father has any of the older back paper buttons from the early 1900’s and late 1800’s, many of them are authentic vendor buttons. While a candidate mike make millions of the same button and place it into the public, there were millions made so they become less valuable because they are common. With a third-party manufacturer or Vendor button manufacturer, they make less buttons which are much more rare which increases their value over time.