Retail Display Cases (POS)

Retail countertop display cases are the perfect way to promote your favorite candidate and give your customers instant access to your products. Point of Sale (POS), is a very important part of your customer experience. It refers to the place (such as a countertop a countertop) where a customer executes the payment for goods when they have full view of your products. It is normally done at the checkout counter and it is a great way to increase sales for “impulse buyers”.

Each foam board countertop display is handmade and measure 15”H x 9”W x 10”D. They contain six buttons that are included in the sets available for sale. We are currently finalizing the design or the case so we will include a free prototype to get you started. Once we finalize the design, you can purchase one for a normal fee of around $15. Who knows, maybe the prototype will become a collectors’ item someday. We will have the final design ready in the next month or two so we will give you get our initial design for free.

We were the first company to offer 6-Pack combinations and they are a huge success! By selling (6) buttons in a set, it increases your revenue instead of selling individual buttons one at a time. You can also sell individual buttons in your retail store or campaign shop as well.

Each display case comes with (40) 6-pack Refill sets all neatly packaged in poly bags. (As shown) We use the highest quality materials available and all our buttons are 100% authentic and made in the USA. We follow the APIC rules and guidelines on making campaign buttons and your buttons will become collectors’ items for decades to come.

We are currently making each display case by hand and offering the first one for free until we perfect the design.

Wholesale Pricing

Each (40) 6-pack refill set cost $120. It’s $3 for each packaged 6-pack or $0.60 per button.

Total cost: $144 plus $12.97 shipping = $156.97 (Includes free hand made display case as an introductory offer)

Retail price

The suggested retail price is $12.97 per 6-pack. The gross sales from the (40) pack refill set is $518.80

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