Re-Elect Trump Pence Jugate Campaign Poster (2020)


This magnificent eye-catching Trump Pence 2020 jugate campaign poster is printed in high-definition color with a high gloss finish for exceptional quality. It measures 18″ X 24″ and is Made in the USA.


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This magnificent Donald Trump and Mike Pence jugate campaign poster features Trump and Pence with their signature smiles and the slogan: Keep America Great by Putting America First. Presented in a soft monochromatic gold the majestic eagle which carries the banner, “In God We Trust” signifies the strength and unity of this great nation.

The Jugate is then presented in a soft patina and the overall design of the piece is cohesive and unifying in both its design and message.

Historically reminiscent of the strength and solidarity of a time that unified this great country, our leaders are encased in historical cartouches found in many early campaign posters of the past. One such example is that of Lincoln and Johnson when our nation was also at a pivotal moment in American history; when two patriots brought unity and solidarity to our country.

Anchored in gold, the names “Trump and Pence” signify strength and leadership of our patriotic leaders.

About the Printing

Published on February 01, 2020, these eye-catching campaign posters measure 18″ X 24″ and are printed in high-definition color on 100# high quality paper, with a high gloss finish for exceptional quality. Printed by one of the top 100 commercial printers in America (Rex3), each poster is printed on a Heidelberg XL106, one of the most advanced offset printing presses available.

How it was designed

Commissioned by and uniquely designed by R. Wajda and S. Kumar, after months of research and dedication.

Robert Wajda, the concept designer, noticed that the current quality and standard of presidential memorabilia and posters has been diminished by the quick buck and fast turnaround of doing things in the current age.

He wanted to create an international, award winning poster combination with the incumbent and Vice President campaign poster that takes you back in time to when creating campaign posters was considered a masterful piece of art.

At the same time, he wanted to add the modern element (look and feel) to create a fine work of craftsmanship that is unmatched by anything in todays age.

The Design Team

Our design team consist of one of the top graphic design artists in the world, a 40-year veteran campaign poster expert, a professional artist, an author, and several other close friends that were part of a detailed focus group.


Each poster is rolled and placed in a poster sleeve. It is then inserted into a secure mailing tube for safe transport. Following all historical memorabilia rules for campaign posters, this poster was designed and printed during the presidential election campaign of 2020 and production will be limited to this year. Whatever your political beliefs, this poster will be a sought-after item for decades to come.

Copyright information

All images have an invisible watermark embedded into the file and approved dealers/resellers are welcome to freely use all published images without any back linking. Students, colleges, Universities, and anyone else is free to use all public images for research as long as you link and reference the page where you obtained them.

Digital copies have been sent for review to the Library of Congress to index its permanent place in history.


Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 18 × 24 × 1 in


Robert Wajda


R. Wajda / S. Kumar




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